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School Facilities & Services

1. School Library
2. Computer Laboratory
3. French Room
4. Science Laboratory
5. Dormitory (Garnett-Acheampong)
6. Dormitory (Wrigley house)
7. Staff Accommodation by P.T.A.
8. Administration/Sick Bay Block
9. Book Store by P.T.A.
10. Dining hall
11. School Bus

Medical Services
A team of medical personnel comprising of a school doctor and two nurses (one of which is resident) take care of the health needs of students and staff. There is an infirmary renovated recently by the 1967 year group, housing the following:
• A waiting room with toilet and bath
• A consulting room
• Wards with 28 beds (Main and Isolation)
• Six bathrooms and six toilets
• A well-equipped Kitchen
• Residence of the school nurse

Laboratory investigations are done outside the school and students who need specialist’ attention are referred.
The Health personnel are paid by the Parent and Teacher Association

Counselling Services
The school has put in place a team of caring counsellors who give the needed academic, emotional and psychological support to students.
Students are constantly reminded to avail themselves to the service.