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Some Contribution of Old Girls

1958 Donation of Mowers, Resograph & Distillation apparatus
1960 Pulpit
1965 Donation of 40 million Cedis towards refurbishment of the reading room, DVD player, Television set.
1966 Utensils for the kitchen, Establishment of a sponsored High Profile Leadership Programme for 22 girls in the school.
1967 Refurbishment of sick bay and its regular maintenance.
1968 Renovation & refurbishment of home Economics practice house.
1972 Donation of Computer, Carpet, Wall Picture, Desk and Chair.
1974 Construction of the 170th Anniversary Monument.
1975 Construction of Gallery in the Assembly Hall, Pavement of the Attraction Lane, Provision of rest rooms for Chapel, Renovation of stage.
1976 Construction of Monumental Gate.
1977 Renovation of kitchen pantry, cabling of new Computer Lab and provision of Computer tables.
1978 Donation of Leyland School bus, Kitchen Utensils.
1979 Renovation and refurbishment of the home Economics Block.
1980 Renovation and refurbishment of Staff Common Room.
1981 Refurbishment of Biology Lab.
1982 Renovation and refurbishment of five offices and provision of Solar Lighting System for Form 3 Block.
1983 Cold store for kitchen.
1984 Conversion of Clothing room to Ultra modern Physics Lab with a Local Area Network (LAN) which includes a Server, 13 desktop computer workstations, 3KVA central UPS and Vodafone Broadband internet connectivity.
1985 Donation of TATA intercooler Double Cabin Pick-Up
1986 Renovation of Finch Library
1987 Renovation of Computer Lab and donation of Computers
1988 Setting up of a Teachers’ Research Centre
2008 Donation of JAC Truck
2009 Donation of 1,500 plastic chairs and 10 rooms of canopies