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In commemoration of the deeds and achievements of the founding mothers of Wesley Girls’ High School, morning assembly from Monday, 6th February to Friday, 10th February, 2017 took a different twist as the student body was given the opportunity to remind the school community of the toil and sacrifices of their pioneers.
Ebenezer; Keep the fire burning; We are shaping the girl today for the woman tomorrow; Flight from the past; and Gendus (Genesis + Exodus), were the themes around which the girls worked to present their “Edzikanfo”.
In poems, plays and renditions of songs, explosive creativity and innovation of the girls came to their zenith as an educative, yet entertaining trip was taken down memory lane, even to the time Mrs. Harriet Wrigley sowed a seed of sacrifice whose fruits can still be seen today.
Mrs. Betty Djokoto recounted the history of the school so as to remind her precious ones of their rich roots.
As usual, the school’s expatriate friend, Ms. Larad, together with teachers of the school, was present at each day’s performance.
The 180th edition of Edzikanfo Week Celebrations left indelible didactic inscriptions on the hearts and minds of the girls.

Adikanfo 2017
Report by:
Akorfa Dawson
3 Arts 1