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After half a decade of silence, the Wesley Girls’ High School Basketball team (The Miners) finally stormed the Sprite Ball courts this year during the 10th Anniversary of the Sprite Ball Tournament.
Truly, The Miners proved to the nation that their disappearing act was to sharpen their skills as they came only to conquer.

With a determined impregnable team, under the supervision and guidance of apt coaches, The Miners won their first match against Accra Wesley Girls’ High School with a 20:13 win.
Pumped by their first win, The Miners came back for another win in their game against Ahantaman Girls’ SHS with 20 points as against their 18 points. With the trophy closer now, The Miners were determined to finish what they started as they faced Kumasi Girls’ SHS in the finals. The game tested every skill and tried their patience as the preliminary quarters did not paint a good picture for Wesley Girls’ High School as their opponents were in the lead.
It appeared The Miners did not know how to quit. With about three minutes to end the match, The Miners gained an equalizer and took the lead in a matter of two minutes and finally ended the Sprite Ball Girls’ Tournament with an exceptional 6:4 win.
Not only did The Miners bring home the ultimate trophy (first place), but also swept the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award, Belinda Acquah, as well as the Best Coaching Team, made up of Messrs. Rodger Abaidoo, Kennedy Opoku-Addo and Coach Ato.
Ladies and Gentlemen, once again, Wesley Girls’ High School has proven to be the best of the best. One Ball! One Team!


Lesley Chinery