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Literary Night 2017Ever envisaged being taken on a journey round the world, in one night? Ever entertained the possibilities of travelling the world of the arts in your imagination, in one night?
Literary Night 2017 made such ethereal wishes a reality, as it brought forth several displays of captivating drama, dance and poetry.
 Prior to the main event, there was lighting of the perpetual flame by Mrs. Djokoto, assisted by the old girls. She also launched a book of success stories of old girls she had compiled, entitled, ‘Yes You Can, Girl’.

The stage which was designed to look like the ship, HMS Excellence, as well as the lightning and other decorations gave the night the ambiance that was bound to put the audience in the right mood for another night of excellent performances.
The audience, which included our beloved old girls, invited schools and students of Wesley Girls’ High School, was ushered into the night by a ‘mob’ of singers giving a mellifluous rendition of mash-ups that everyone so adored.
Much skill in acting was clearly seen, as girls kept the audience enthralled with Amma Darko’s “Faceless”, Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, as well as Harvest of Corruption by Frank Ogodo Ogbeche.
The poets and spoken word artists took to the floor with their exciting yet thought-provoking play on words concerning topics on the beauty of the African girl, societal conformism, modesty, and so on.
To break the slight tedium surrounding the literary performances, there were contemporary dances and melodramas to set the night on fire.
On such a night, all present surely must have left the programme very satisfied, having lived out the unforgettable words of the theme, ‘Odyssey: A journey in one night’.
                                                                                                                          Report by:
                                                                                                                          Audrey Obuobisa-Darko
                                                                                                                          (2 Science 2)