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The day of her graduation is most probably the best day of the average Gey Hey girl’s school life. After about three years through the mill; the strict training, the best high school education, over 400 girls clad finally in their grand robes processed to receive their certificates of honour, amidst hearty smiles and tears of joy. 

It was indeed a moment to cherish, and one could not help but shed a tear or two; either of contentment for a school life well-lived, on the part of the final year students, or of farewell, on the part of the continuing students.          

 “This graduation day marks the beginning of a new and special journey,” Mrs. Betty Djokoto, our precious headmistress remarked, “Conquest made you, and conquest must maintain you wherever you find yourself." She ended her speech with a wish that the new graduates would go into the world and take everything in their stride.


The batch of students for the 2017 year group deemed themselves special indeed, as they were the first ever group to be initiated into the Old Girls Association before their graduation, on Sunday, 14th March, 2017. This 17th day of May 2017 marked a transition from the high school world into the real world, and it was a memorable day that promised to be etched in everyone’s hearts forever.  

Report by:   
Audrey Obuobisa-Darko
(2 Science 2)