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 Finally, the much anticipated WASSCE has begun in full earnest. The Visual Arts and Home Economics students started their practicals in the early weeks of March. 


This year’s Jesus Festival was indeed an exceptional one. As usual, Rev. Betty King and her team prepared the way for the start of Jesus Festival. They were here on the 8th of April, a week before the program began.













 Speech and Prize Giving day was the programme that climaxed the annual one week celebration. The old girls who graced the occasion were the 1954, 1964, 1974,1984,1994,2004 and 2014 with the 1994 year group being the sponsors.

The programme officially started with a short parade by the Wesley Girls’ High School Air Force Cadet Corps and the School Air Force Regimental Band which took place at the old car park. The whole crowd was amazed by the precision and accuracy with which the Cadet girls displayed the drills in the march past and also the manner in which the Commanding Officer, Miss Darlene Thompson, commanded the parade. The prowess and dexterity which the Regimental Band girls showed in playing their various instruments was impressive considering the fact that they had been inaugurated just two weeks ago. The colour party of the Cadet Corps also did well by displaying the Ghana National flag and the “Wey Gey Hey” flag. The Cadet girls were beautifully clad in their deep blue trousers and sky blue shirts with their brightly shining black boots. The Regimental Band girls were also in their Air Force uniforms. After the inspection of the parade, which was conducted by the Chief Justice, Justice Georgina T. Wood (Special Guest of Honour) and Esther Cobbah (Lady President), the contingent marched past and left the square in slow and quick time in an arrow-head formation amidst the deafening claps and shouts from the various old girls and students.


 Harvest 2014 occurred on the 23rd October 2014 on Sunday at about 4:00 pm. The service begun with the introit from the choir singing hymn 964 as the processional hymn. 

The Call to Worship was done by Christodea Asamoah Appiadu, the Chapel Prefect. The Opening hymn, hymn 962, was sung followed by a prayer from Rev. Aidoo, the School chaplain. 

Carols Service 2014

Annually, the school is closed for the Christmas holidays after a Sunday of nine lessons and carols by the nine houses in the school. 

This year, the story was no different. The Wesley girls’ high school demonstrated their belief in the nativity story by setting aside the 14th of December, 2014 to commemorate the birth of the savior.

Prior to the service which begun at 4:00 pm, the well- manicured lawns in the school were fully decorated with ribbons, balloons and other materials that depicted ancient and twenty- first century birth of the Savior. 


Inter-house Athletics-2014

To those outside, who hold the notion that Wesley Girls’ High School is purely academic-oriented, think again! One will be disillusioned if one witnesses the annual inter-house athletic competition held in the last week of October and the first week of November .For this year’s competition, all extracurricular activities were put on hold and vigorous training was in effect. Each morning and after siesta, almost every house was represented on the school field by javelin, shot-putt and discus throwers, high and long jumpers and runners.

















On the 25th of January, 2015, a special ceremony was held in one of Ghana’s high schools; Wesley Girls High School.

The inauguration of the school’s first ever Regimental Band was one that helped to showcase the musical prowess of the girls

The Commanding Officer of the Wesley Girls High School Air force Cadet Corps, Miss Darlyene Thompson led the squad to mount guard of honour. Some schools were invited to grace the occasion. 

The President of the 1993 year group, Miss Ernestina Asamoah and some representatives from the Ghana Fire Service were present. The guest of honour for the occasion was Group Captain Felix Nana Asante. (Commander Air Force-Base, Takoradi).


The annual Staff Development Retreat and workshop offers the staff of Wesley Girls’ High School an opportunity to meet at the end of every academic year to evaluate work done, plan and strategize, set new goals and targets and devise effective implementation procedure to achieve these goals in the next academic year. It is an exercise always done in a spirit of unity, friendship and love.